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Why Lip Lifts Will Give You a More Youthful Look Than Fillers.

It’s not something a lot of people like to talk about in Las Vegas, but age does have a impact on a bright white smile. Next to our eyes, our lips are the most noticed feature of our face. They can also show our age, leading many patients to seek a way to correct a thin or lined mouth and to have cosmetic dentistry and veneers done.

Many people choose to have enhancements done to their lips that make them look sultrier and voluminous. Even people not suffering the effects of aging may opt to have this procedure done.

The two main cosmetic surgery procedures offered by your favorite dental clinic include lip fillers or lip lifts. Let’s have a comparison so you can decide for yourself which is ideal for your face.

The main difference between the two cosmetic surgeries is that lip lifts require a surgical procedure, while lip fillers involve a non-surgical one. For this reason, many people may be hesitant to opt for the surgical feature.

Many people may be attracted to lip fillers because they involve a less invasive procedure involving an injection of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance. Once it’s injected, it draws water to your lips. This results in plumper and fuller looking lips.

Chances are you’ve seen celebrities with cosmetic dentistry and lip fillers done—they often look like clowns. Fortunately, this procedure is only temporary.

The lip lift procedure is a bit more difficult, but it involves a permanent solution, unlike the lip fillers would eventually dissipate. A lip lift affects your upper lift, while the lip fillers can be done on both. With the lip lift, there is a subtle amount of volume added to the upper lips. This actually surgically done by reducing the distance between your lips and nose. This combined effect can actually make you look younger.

The lip lift involves first injecting an anesthetic under your lips that lasts for about one hour, similar to when you need a tooth filling done. Your dental surgeon will then remove a small amount of skin that is located beneath your nose, then surgically raise your upper lip. A small suture is done to join the tissues together.

There will be a small scar left beneath your nose but this will disappear in time. Bella Smiles will offer scar management so it heals quickly.

A lip lift will not only make you look younger but it’ll also look more natural, and will be permanent. If you opt for lip fillers, the results can’t be guaranteed to make you look better.

For patients who prefer to get a pouty and youthful upper lip, it’s recommended that a lip lift is a much better procedure than the lip filler. 

Lip lifts are the perfect addition to when you’re having veneers, cosmetic dentistry, and cosmetic surgery done in Las Vegas. Many patients who want veneers also opt to have the lip lift treatment. Your smile will look as bright and natural as it did when you were younger.

Please contact Bella Smiles in Las Vegas today to book an appointment. Soon your smile will have you looking your best!

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