Tips To Have Healthy Teeth During Halloween


With the holiday arriving at full spooky speed, we want to make sure you and your loved ones, especially the little ones, enjoy Halloween to the fullest while keeping a healthy and white smile. To achieve this, our experts at Bella Smiles in Las Vegas have made a list with a few tips to keep those teeth as healthy as possible before, during, and after Halloween:

1. Avoid hard and sticky candies. This type of candies will ruin your teeth. These will usually remain a much longer time than other types of candies in your mouth, unbalancing its natural pH and damaging your oral structures. Also, to consume hard and sticky candies you need to put a lot of effort in your mouth, often resulting in broken teeth and fillings pulled out.

2. Xylitol alternatives. Nowadays, there are plenty of artificial sweeteners as alternatives to sugar, xylitol being one of these. Not only does it taste good, but xylitol is super healthy for the teeth. Studies published in 2013 in the European Journal of Pediatric Dentistry show that this substance has the ability to diminish plaque formation and bacteria development that causes cavities and also is capable of making saliva less acidic. If you will make trick-or-treaters candies, consider making them with xylitol instead of sugar. We bet the children (and adults) will not even notice the difference.

3. Avoid beverages with added sugar. Candies and other sweets are enough sugar for a holiday, so adding other sugary things like beverages is not a good idea. The risk of tooth decay and damage rises when teeth are in constant contact with sweet beverages. Try to drink more natural beverages like fluoridated water, lemonade, or cold teas and infusions.

4. Use water after sweets. This tip can be practiced on a daily basis, but it has to be done especially during Halloween when we all consume more candies than other times in the year. As stated above, having candies too much time in your mouth can alter its normal pH balance. If you think you have to brush your teeth just after eating some candy, you are wrong. If you do this before achieving the normal pH balance in the mouth, your enamel can be damaged. Instead of doing this right away, enjoy your sweets and rinse your mouth with plenty of water afterward. A few minutes after doing this, you are able to brush your teeth.

5. Floss two times a day. Eating too many sugary candies is already a bad idea, but leaving that candy between your teeth during all day and night is a much worst one. Sweets that stay between your teeth are an important cause of tooth damage and cavities. Floss is not optional and it is not only for adults. Children need to learn to floss each day, especially around Halloween.

6. As always, moderation is key! Even if you do not do anything of the before mentioned regarding your candy intake, your teeth will benefit very much if you moderate its consumption. Enjoying Halloween having a couple of sugary treats is not that big of a deal. But remember, your teeth and organs like the pancreas will say thanks if you do not exceed in the candy consumption.

Seeing Your Final Smile Before Having It With Digital Smile Design


 Cosmetic dentistry can be a scary procedure to do, both for the dentist and the patient, but not regarding the process as such, the scary part is not knowing the outcome. Nowadays, this is being left behind thanks to the innovation and technology advances in the dental science field. Smiles can be created digitally before the process is even done, reducing the dental anxiety of the participants to the ground.

Each day, specialists on cosmetic dentistry are more prepared in regard to dental science and treatments, having the most recent studies, resources, and technology, being able to create an absolute wonderful smile and dental treatment. You will be able to design your own smile and more visiting us at Bella Smiles in Las Vegas.

What is the digital smile design and how is created?

This term simply refers to the capacity of dentists to virtually recreate how the patient´s smile will look like after the treatment is done. Cosmetic dentistry advances every single day making easier and more precise the job that dentists have to do. In just a few steps, your smile will be digitally created following all your preferences and dentist guidelines.

1. The dentist will take a series of photos of the patient´s face, especially the mouth, analyzing all the relations and dimensions that the existing structures have: lips, teeth, chin, nose, eyes, and face as a whole.

2. The patient and the dentist will discuss irregularities, asymmetry, the patient´s complaints and expectations, etc.

3. The dentist takes some measurements of the involved structures and suggests recommendations taking into consideration what the patient wants and the aesthetic principles.

4. The new smile is digitally created considering all the factors.

5. In the end, the dentist presents comparatives models of the original smile and what the new smile would like.

Why is the digital smile design the future of cosmetic dentistry?

Seeing the final smile after is done.In the past, the only way for the dentist to show the patient how his smile would finally appear was through imperfect mockups made by taking impressions of the patient´s smile. Nowadays, this is still done, but instead of waiting long weeks and multiple revisions, the result can be shown digitally in just minutes. Today´s cosmetic dentistry makes all the process easier and more efficient, saving both the dentist and patient a lot of time and money, without leaving anything to the imagination.

More beautiful and better outcomes. With such planning, the result is perfect. The digital vision of what the dentist will try to recreate allows him to refine his vision and put the final image in his head before the real work starts. We at Bella Smiles are decided to prove you we are the best option for your smile by doing all that has to be done for you to get a beautiful smile.

Better dentist-patient communication.This process allows taking into consideration the recommendations and suggestions made by the dentist and the wishes and expectations of the patient. By showing the final result, the dentist can explain better what he wants to do, not like the old method in which the explanation was verbal, leaving much room for misinterpretation. Our experts at Bella Smiles will pay you the right attention you deserve, answering all your questions and doubts.

 No more anxiety. Before, the patient would pass up to a few weeks imagining and stressing about the fact of not knowing how his smile would look like. Experts say that involving the patient more and more into the process gives him a chance of falling in love with his future and now possible smile. Physically being able to see the finished smile makes the patient feel comfortable with going into the procedure

Wine Consumption vs. Your Teeth


          Just like coffee or black tea, wine, especially the red type, can stain your teeth, making that white smile disappear. If you enjoy having one or more glasses of red wine a day, take a look at your teeth and search for some of its consequences.

Of course, an explanation is needed. Our experts at Bella Smiles in Las Vegas made a list with a few of the reasons why an increased consumption of wine can damage your teeth:

Colorants. Red wine is full of elements known as “chromogens”, which are the responsible for the stains. These substances produce enough pigments that can adhere on to your teeth´s enamel, staining them. Also, tannins present in red wine help chromogens bind to the teeth, giving that stained aspect.

 Acidity. Experts on the matter say that the elevated consumption of red wine, but especially white wine, increase the acidity pH levels in your mouth. This acid can damage the tooth enamel, increasing the appearance of dentin, producing the awful yellow tonality on them. Also, without the protective enamel, the risk of bacteria and decay increases.

Aging. They say that the older the wine is, the better, but this fact does not apply to your teeth. As you get older, microscopic cracks appear on your teeth due to the wear of all does years. The cracks function like an entrance for the chromogens and tannins to penetrate the enamel, leaving stains that cannot be removed that easily.

So, what can you do to prevent this from happening, while still enjoying a good glass of wine once every other day? Experts at Bella Smiles in Las Vegas recommend:

Wait before brushing your teeth. As stated above, whine, especially the white type, is very acidic, changing your mouth´s pH balance. So brushing your teeth immediately after having a glass of wine can damage even more your teeth´s enamel. Experts recommend waiting at least 30 minutes to brush your teeth. Accompanying the consumption of wine with cheese or having a glass of water after it can help diminish the acidity in your mouth.

Use a straw. Yes, wine connoisseurs and sommeliers may get a stroke if you give them this advice, but if you are a regular person that does not care and does not ruin you the experience, drinking from a straw is a great way to reduce the contact of the wine and your teeth.

Try not to sip slowly. Again, this can cause a bit of discomfort to wine connoisseurs and sommeliers but is true, the more contact has the wine with your teeth, the more stains will be produced. Of course that letting the wine linger in your mouth is part of the experience, but if you care about your teeth´s health, you should avoid it.

Moderation, moderation, moderation. As always, too much of a thing can be dangerous to our health. Wine consumption follows the same rule. Enjoy a glass or two of wine once every other day. This will be good for your teeth, but also for your general health. Try consuming other types of alcohol instead of always choosing wine, either red or white.

Is Flossing for the Dogs?

Dog teethOEM.jpg

It seems like there’s conflicting evidence for how to look after your teeth. One site says brushing your teeth is pointless, while another says that flossing is for the dogs. Flossing is definitely not for the dogs, particularly if you’ve ever tried to brush or floss their teeth. But one thing can be agreed upon—we do need to look after our teeth through a variety of methods. It seems like there’s always something for someone to complain about. Why there are still hard or firm bristled toothbrushes is beyond us, here at Bella Smiles, but often it’s what sells. And people can simply be flossing the wrong way, then not rinsing their mouths out after they floss.

While most people brush their teeth at least once a day, there are still an overwhelming majority who don’t floss their teeth at all. According to a 2015 case study done by the American Academy of Periodontology, they found that 27% of people lie to their dentists about how often they floss. Is this because dentists in Las Vegas love to hear that their patients floss every day?

For many of these people, they would admit to doing other unpleasant tasks besides flossing their teeth. We’re not sure what this means, but perhaps the activities involve sticking a toothbrush inside their cat’s mouth to see what happens.

The ADA Center for Evidence Based Dentistry even says that routinely using floss is not supported by scientific evidence. Wow, so it’s okay to leave all that gunk on our teeth? The floss-free group in the study apparently didn’t have any more evidence of dental caries than the group who did floss. Just what were they feeding the test subjects—gin?

So, is it possible that the study was right? It’s time to take a step back and consider common sense. Look what happened to our grandparents who never brushed or flossed their teeth. Most likely you’re still horrified by the dentures they love to show off at family events. Yep, chances are you started brushing your teeth regularly after you saw that.

As for flossing your teeth, yes, it takes a while to learn the technique, be gentle on your gums, and get that debris out. But it sure feels good to have a freshly flossed mouth after it’s done. Perhaps there needs to be a study done on how to encourage people to do their flossing, and not by using those dental picks that are rapidly filling up our landfills.

Here at Bella Smiles, we believe that dentistry is more than about fixing teeth. It’s about preventative maintenance. We now have a generation of people who will never be faced with wearing dentures, or having implants done. Yes, there may still be some who need cosmetic dentistry or veneers, because of accidents or genetics.

You have to take these articles lightly. Please continue brushing and flossing your teeth, as it makes good sense! It’ll save you the pain, aggravation, and expense of visiting an emergency dentist!

Why Lip Lifts Will Give You a More Youthful Look Than Fillers.

lip lift OEM.jpg

It’s not something a lot of people like to talk about in Las Vegas, but age does have a impact on a bright white smile. Next to our eyes, our lips are the most noticed feature of our face. They can also show our age, leading many patients to seek a way to correct a thin or lined mouth and to have cosmetic dentistry and veneers done.

Many people choose to have enhancements done to their lips that make them look sultrier and voluminous. Even people not suffering the effects of aging may opt to have this procedure done.

The two main cosmetic surgery procedures offered by your favorite dental clinic include lip fillers or lip lifts. Let’s have a comparison so you can decide for yourself which is ideal for your face.

The main difference between the two cosmetic surgeries is that lip lifts require a surgical procedure, while lip fillers involve a non-surgical one. For this reason, many people may be hesitant to opt for the surgical feature.

Many people may be attracted to lip fillers because they involve a less invasive procedure involving an injection of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance. Once it’s injected, it draws water to your lips. This results in plumper and fuller looking lips.

Chances are you’ve seen celebrities with cosmetic dentistry and lip fillers done—they often look like clowns. Fortunately, this procedure is only temporary.

The lip lift procedure is a bit more difficult, but it involves a permanent solution, unlike the lip fillers would eventually dissipate. A lip lift affects your upper lift, while the lip fillers can be done on both. With the lip lift, there is a subtle amount of volume added to the upper lips. This actually surgically done by reducing the distance between your lips and nose. This combined effect can actually make you look younger.

The lip lift involves first injecting an anesthetic under your lips that lasts for about one hour, similar to when you need a tooth filling done. Your dental surgeon will then remove a small amount of skin that is located beneath your nose, then surgically raise your upper lip. A small suture is done to join the tissues together.

There will be a small scar left beneath your nose but this will disappear in time. Bella Smiles will offer scar management so it heals quickly.

A lip lift will not only make you look younger but it’ll also look more natural, and will be permanent. If you opt for lip fillers, the results can’t be guaranteed to make you look better.

For patients who prefer to get a pouty and youthful upper lip, it’s recommended that a lip lift is a much better procedure than the lip filler. 

Lip lifts are the perfect addition to when you’re having veneers, cosmetic dentistry, and cosmetic surgery done in Las Vegas. Many patients who want veneers also opt to have the lip lift treatment. Your smile will look as bright and natural as it did when you were younger.

Please contact Bella Smiles in Las Vegas today to book an appointment. Soon your smile will have you looking your best!